by Jesse Lerner and Scott Sterling, 16mm black and white, 25 min., 1991

Still image from the film Natives by Jesse LernerThe U.S.-Mexico border is the site of a disturbing increase in violence and racial intolerance. Along the border, there are now a number of nativist groups that have organized with the stated purpose of ending undocumented immigration. “Natives” follows the individuals involved in the San Diego anti-immigration movement. Relying principally on a direct cinema style and an eye for the absurd, the film critiques the nativist position by contrasting their professed love of country with their racist and anti-democratic attitudes.

Though the US has long maintained a reputation as a haven for immigrants, there is nonetheless a strong tradition of nativism and xenophobia. In the decade of the 1990s, there was a new surge of anti-immigrant sentiment. This film examines the nativist discourse along the US-Mexico border, a place that brings issues of nationalism and intolerance into sharp focus.


por Jesse Lerner y Scott Sterling, 16 mm, 25 min.

Los Estados Unidos han mantenido durante mucho tiempo su reputación como paraíso para los inmigrantes; sin embargo, ha sido también tradicional el “autoctonismo” norteamericano que busca excluir a los inmigrantes. En la década actual se ha observado un nuevo brote de estos sentimientos contra los inmigrantes. Esta pelicula examinará el discurso del autoctonismo a principios de la década de los 90s, especialmente en relacion con la frontera Mexico-EE.UU. como un lugar que brinda la oportunidad de observar muchas de estas cuestiones.



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